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OrricoThis year’s annual Spring MNNS business meeting was held at the Bank Restaurant boardroom in Minneapolis on Friday evening, April 15th. The organization’s finances were reviewed along with anticipated expenses for the fall 2016 academic meeting to be held at the St. Paul Hotel from October 7-9th. The Society remains a stable financial concern although the need for increased member and industry participation to help support this program was emphasized. The most recent Counsel of State Neurosurgical Society’s (CSNS) resolutions were also discussed, most notably Resolution III-2016S: On-Call Compensation Analysis and Resolution VI-2016S: Impact of policy changes regarding simultaneous neurosurgical procedures.

The remainder of the program was primarily a wide ranging conversation with the Society’s guest speaker, Ms. Katie Orrico, the Director of the AANS’ Washington Office who provided her usual candid insights into the anticipated policy changes likely to affect the practice of neurosurgery over the next several years.


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