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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2009

Westin Hotel/Bank Restaurant, 88 South Sixth Street, Minneapolis MN


Drs. Bottini and Chyatte attended. Invited, but not able to attend were Drs. McDaniel, Galicich and Fogelson

Secretary/Treasurer’s report

Total financial assets are $10,890.32 in the US Bank account plus $4350 in pending deposits (from membership dues) for a total =$15,240.35.

Received and approved membership application for 2009 thus far: 29 active; 2 associate; 4 senior. Total =35.

Second notice membership applications will be sent to potential members who did not respond to the first notice and residency program coordinators will be contacted to increase the number of resident members.

Bylaws and incorporation

The draft bylaws have been posted on the society’s web page for several months and the membership has had an opportunity to comment and suggest changes. As there have been no requests to change the current bylaws draft, the current bylaws draft was approved pending any changes that may be legally required. Funding for legal review of the bylaws and funding for formal incorporation of the Society was also approved. Dr. Bottini will move this process forward for the Society.

April 2009 Business Meeting of the Society’s Membership

A full meeting of the entire membership will be organized by Dr. Bottini in April 2009 for purposes of discussing the bylaws, incorporation, the fall CME meeting and other issues.

Minnesota Neurosurgical Society CME

The fall CME meeting will be held October 2-4, 2009 at Madden’s Resort at Gull Lake. It was agreed that the registration fee for this meeting will be $200 for attendees. It was agreed that this fee would be waved for residents. Dr. Bottini has been working on the logistics with the resort and reported that room and board and use of conference facilities would be about $225/attendee/day. It was agreed that Dr. Bottini would finalize the contractual negotiations with Madden’s and place the required deposit.

Dr. Chyatte has been working on the CME accreditation for the meeting. AANS joint sponsorship would cost the Society approximately $1800, while joint sponsorship through Mayo would be free. It was agreed to withdraw the AANS application and proceed with the Mayo application. Dr. Chyatte will move this process forward.

It was agreed that the Society would offer a $1000 award for the best resident’s paper submitted to the meeting.

The potential for enduring CME material resulting from the meeting was discussed and Dr. Chyatte will collect more information and bring this back to the group.

Corporate sponsorship was discussed. It was agreed that the Society will solicit corporate sponsorship for this meeting through unrestricted educational grants. Dr. Chyatte will move this process forward.

It was agreed that ‘save the date’ announcements would be sent out to announce the meeting to the membership.

Resident membership initiatives

Only 2 residents applied for membership this year so far. Initiatives to stimulate resident interest in the organization were discussed. Drs. Bottini will speak to the residency directors at Mayo and University of Minnesota. A resident liaison to the Society from the University of Minnesota will be identified.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully submitted on February 13, 2009,

Douglas Chyatte, MD Secretary/Treasurer


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