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Senator Norm Coleman was our featured speaker. He discussed his positions on Medicare cutbacks and the sustainable growth rate proposals for the system. He spoke about his efforts to improve access to rural healthcare, introduce legislation to allow federal funding for stem cell research and his work on the Senate Committee on Aging a to nd the Senate Medical Technology Caucus. He also provided some insight into the current crisis in the financial markets and the efforts underway this weekend to stabilize the capital markets.

Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2008

Westin Hotel/Bank Restaurant, 88 South Sixth Street, Minneapolis MN

Attendees and venue

Twenty-one members and guests of the Society, including residents from both the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic met at the Lakes Room of the Westin Hotel for an informal cocktail reception including an opportunity to meet one-on-one with Senator Norm Coleman, (US Senator MN-Republican).

Keynote presentation

Following the reception, Senator Coleman had a round table discussion with the members of the Society focusing on health care, health care reform, tort reform and the current economic crisis. Senator Coleman answered numerous questions from the group and listen to the concerns and comments of the membership.

Senator Coleman stressed the importance of participating in the political process and observed that physicians, especially specialist such as neurosurgeons, do not participate in the political process and encouraged the society and its members to become more involved in the discussions related to health care and tort reform. Senator Coleman observed that, unlike physician organizations, the trial lawyers’ associations were active and effective participants in the political process.

Business session

After Senator Coleman’s presentation, Dr. Bottini called the business session of the meeting to order.

CSNS REPORT: Dr. Feldkamp presented a report on the current activities of the CSNS at the April 2008 AANS meeting. Dr.Kim is currently representing Minnesota at the CSNS at the September 2008 CNS meeting.

SOCIETY REJUVENATION: Dr. Bottini indicated the Minnesota Neurosurgical Society was currently in the early phase of organizational resurrection and rejuvenation and that there were a number of organizational issues facing the Society.

There was a discussion among the members about the Society with general agreement that there was a bona fide need for the Society and the Society should be resurrected. There was general agreement that interest among Minnesota neurosurgeons to participate in a state Society was greater now than in the past several years.

The mission and vision for the Society were discussed by the group.

MEETING SCHEDULE AND TOPICS: There was agreement that the Society should continue to hold two meeting a year, planned to precede the AANS and CNS meetings. Potential topics for next meetings were discussed and there appeared to be considerable interest on the topic of medical malpractice reform. There was interest among the membership to obtain CME credits for the meetings.

MMA: There was general agreement that the Society should send representative to the Minnesota Medical Association meeting. Dr. Kim is currently the Society’s MMA representative.

BYLAWS: Dr. Bottini indicated that the organization bylaws are missing and not with the materials transfer to either Drs. Bottini or Chyatte earlier this year. Dr. Bottini indicated a need to rewrite the bylaws if existing bylaws could not be found.

WEBSITE: Dr. Bottini introduced the Society’s new website to the group (mnneurosurgicalsociety.org) and talked about using the website as a venue for communication among the membership.

INCORPORATION: The group discussed the need to formally incorporate the society and voted on the matter. It was unanimously agreed to move forward with incorporation of the Minnesota Neurosurgical Society.

OTHER REPORTS: Dr. Chyatte gave the Treasurer/Secretary report indicating that the Society had 30 dues paying members, no non-dues paying members and total cash on had of $13,165.02.

RESIDENT MEMBERS: Neurosurgery residents from University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic were invited to join the Society as non-dues paying members.

The meeting was then adjourned.


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